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KS1 - University applications

Handpicked tutors

Handpicked tutors

Our tutors are all subject experts in their own right and have attended the best universities in the country. We have over 30 tutors whom all have a wealth of experience in tutoring and between them, virtually every subject is covered.

We only select the best tutors who'll do the best job for you. Have a look at some of our highest rated tutors.

Sydney University
Cambridge application tutoring
Medicine tutoring
UCL application tutoring
KCL application tutoring
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Oxford application tutoring
Loughborough uni application tutoring

KS1 up to University applications



We tutor for all KS1-KS3 subjects. These sessions are made as fun and interactive as possible. Having the benefit of being able to 1-to-1 teaching, unlike in schools, we can really tailor the lesson to your child.

Teacher Helping Student


We offer our tutoring service for Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and History. Your tutor will have gotten an A/A* in that subject so they'll be able to help you get the results you want!

Students Taking Note

Medical School/Oxbridge

Let's help you get into your top University choice! From UCAT/BMAT tutoring to interview preparation for Oxbridge and medical school, we can put you in the best possible position to get into the university you want.

The most rewarding part of our job is hearing from our satisfied students about how our services helped them overcome their academic challenges.

Our students and tutors are a team who work together to get the best results possible.


Clear goals and objectives pave the way for educational success.


When you work with us, you not only get your tutor for that allotted time on a weekly basis but also have phone call access throughout the week. If you need help with your homework, we are there for you!


From the tutor we pick for you to the teaching methods, it is all tailored around the student. We fundamentally believe that each child is different and will learn differently and we utilise this to make the lessons as fun and effective as possible. 


Teamwork, dedication and student-oriented lessons result in consistent active engagement from our students. 


It's a proven fact! Students will learn more if they have fun and find the lesson interesting. 





I'm currently on track for my MBChB Medicine at the University of Manchester after having achieved my BSc in Medicine at the University of St Andrews.​

After countless hours of tutoring, it was clear that the success I had with my students was due to the fact that my students and I, together, formed a dedicated team that allowed them to reach their potential. I believe there is a perfect tutor for each student based on their personality. Let me know how you learn and what kind of tutor you need and I'll recommend one of our hand-picked tutors to form your dream team!

- Shiv Bakrania

Shiv Bakrania
Shiv Bakrania
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